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About Us

We built Greenwood Research to address Wall Street's growing need for fundamental and differentiated research and industry expertise.

Our Basic Research Tenets

  1. Research must first be focused on Client needs. We listen closely to our clients and act on their specific needs.
  2. Research must be proprietary enough to give Clients a competitive advantage.
  3. Research must be actionable, timely and relevant. This requires analytical expertise and industry knowledge.
  4. Research must be independent and trustworthy, free from major internal conflicts of interest.

Value Chain Research

We believe individual industries are value chains of interrelated products, services and capabilities. To understand industry issues, we dissect these value chains and examine their component parts, looking to suppliers, customers and competitors in each. This allows us to closely study the supply chain, the underlying technology and the customer mindset.

We offer service in three primary areas:
Data Mining & Analysis Experts on the Ground:
The Network of Experts™
Greenwood Research works with clients to scrape data, analyze data, and identify correlations with investable assets. We perform a wide range of mining, including social media monitoring, using proprietary algorithms and software tools.

The Network of Experts™ is a core part of our Value Chain Research. This network includes people who have specific day-to-day expertise and experience within value chains we cover. They are managers, salespeople, scientists, product specialists, academics, and so on.

Through The Network of Experts™, we provide our clients with direct access to thousands of well-screened industry experts.

As a part of helping our clients build their own research products, we also offer a comprehensive contact and data management tool, GREZOOM. GREZOOM allows you to organize contacts, share files, manage email campaigns and distribute research products.

Insights Not Ratings

Greenwood Research delivers fundamental and proprietary research and analysis. Unlike traditional research firms, we do not compile specific stock recommendations or ratings. Instead we look at industry issues and trends to provide focused, proprietary, actionable, and independent research that enables our clients to make better investment decisions.

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